Our product made from Thai leatherworkers who have strong experiences and specialized in craft skills. So you able ensure that our products are good quality to use for long last.

For leather bag product: We provide you the bag, the dusty bag which made from soft touch canvas, and label care.

For Watch product: We provide you the watch and instructions.

As mostly of our products made from genuine leather which come from natural animal. Generally we recommend you shouldn’t need to do anything other than use it but not overly abuse it. We understand that sometimes accidents happen so we’ve got tips for how to best deal with wet, dry or dirty leather.

  • When it get too wet: Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. When drying wet leather, make sure you do so at room temperature and keep it in the shape you want it to end up as.
  • When it get too dry: Rub something damp into it like leather dressing or cream. Pick a leather care solution that’s made from all natural ingredients – make sure it’s clear, too, to avoid discoloration.
  • When it get dirty: Use a damp cloth and steer clear from adding soaps to the water. For tough stains like pen ink or red wine, try using leather conditioning treatments specifically designed to remove the stain but not the leather’s dye.
  • Clean your watch regularly with soft cloth and water as it may be corroded by sweat and dirt. Ensure to wipe dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid placing your watch near electrical appliances or items such as microwave oven which generate magnetic field. Magnetic field may cause inaccuracy of the watch.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals such as solvents or camphor. Clean your watch immediately if such contacts happen since the chemicals may damage strap or case.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (higher than 60oC / 140oF or lower than 0oC / 32oF) or extreme temperature changes. Water resistance function of the gaskets may be affected in such environment.
  • Push the crown back into the normal position to prevent water from penetrating the mechanism.


We can provide 2 payment gateways.

1. Bank transfer (Thailand)

For our customers who has Thai bank account.

2. Paypal (International)

For our customers who has no Thai bank account. You can make the payment by Paypal.

Account name: Apiradee Paoumnartrit
Account number: 004-3-26893-7


Account name: Apiradee Paoumnartrit
Account number: 179-201399-1

PayPal Logo    Account: wyematter@gmail.com


We are welcome to ship our products to worldwide with service EMS delivery. Shipping rate and custom charges are vary depend on countries that you live.

When placing your order, you will be asked to enter your full delivery address. Our system will then automatically calculate the shipping cost to this address. 

Shipping will vary for each country and depend on which delivery option you select but the following prices are a guideline:

  • Thailand EMS : free shipping (including VAT)
  • International countries EMS : from 45 USD (including VAT)

Please be advised that for deliveries international countries, shipments can be subject to import fees and taxes which are due on arrival.

It’s impossible for us to determine these charges as they vary from country to country and state to state. If you need any detailed information about these charges please contact your local customs office.

After sell service

We would like you to ensure that we would like you to be happy when you get our products. We strictly check quality product before we ship it out, and carefully to select product package to make sure that product will arrive you perfectly. But if there are any problem about products upon you receive, please send us email via support@wyematter.com we will contact you as fast as possible.

Return for exchange : we only consider customers who live in Thailand in terms of exchange product. contact us support@wyemattter.com

We are available customers to contact us via support@wyematter.com within 14 working days after receiving product with the problem and reason, also photos. Then we will contact you back. But customer must be sure that products will be the same as original when we receive, not use and all package must keep in the same. And all return charge will be respond by customers only.

Return for refund : Refund for order cancellation and advance payment with unavailable stock, providing that the order has not yet been processed and dispatched. Contact us via support@wyematter.com for more detail.

Return for repair : The broken and damaged products which are from usability within 1 year warranty, we are welcome to give you advices and repair service  but there may occur extra service charge which depend on problem.

We endeavour to make goods that you can enjoy for a long time. We love if you use your product every day and we want it to be something you can’t live without. But we also encourage you to take care of your  goods and treasure them. Items that get heavy everyday use also wear down so they may need a small repair or clean now and again.

Part of product within 1 year warranty from purchase date contact via support@wyematter.com with details and photos. We will contact you as fast as possible.

If the repairs are minor, we suggest you to find local leather repair shop. So you will not waiting for long time.